Projects by Chris Mueller


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2015 – present

Past Projects


Thumbtack helps customers accomplish personal projects central to their lives while also empowering small business owners nationwide to grow their businesses.

Involvement: Director of Engineering, full stack engineering

2010 – 2015

Eating for Education

An initiative of the Chez Panisse Foundation and Edible Schoolyard, Eating for Education reached out to restaurants and people around the country to educate them about food in schools.

Involvement: Wordpress development.



A multi-purpose thematic mapping tool for Google Maps. Designed to present a simple, straightforward interface for aspiring data enthusiasts who know Javascript. Supports choropleth maps, bubble (sized area) maps, and simple pie charts.

Involvement: Creation and development.

2009 – present

Bump Technologies – Network Map

A realtime, interactive web map shows the rapid growth of the Bump mobile data-exchange network. With the administrative console, site administrators can build custom time resolutions and data partitions for different maps.

Involvement: ActionScript/Flash programming, Modest Maps, Python/HTML administrative interface.


UUorld Visualization Engine

UUorld's cutting-edge four-dimensional mapping and data-visualization engine illuminates statistical trends across both space and time in a cross-platform desktop environment. UUorld's Data Portal houses thousands of rich statistics freely available through the website and within the flagship application.

Involvement: C++ and Qt GUI programming, Webkit integration, Python + Postgres + Amazon S3 server architecture, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

2007 – 2009


Dwell, a magazine dedicated to home architecure and modern living, rebuilt their website to highlight semantic structures in their content and encourage visitor engagement. The new website has resulted in record traffic.

Involvement: Google Maps, Velocity template creation in select areas, and integration with Clickability Social Media platform.


Equal Networks – Dashboard

Equal Networks uses advanced climate monitoring systems to provide their clients insight into datacenter health. They wished to present the relevant data to their clients with a combination of clean, interactive graphs and visualizations.

Involvement: Javascript, jQuery plugin development, HTML, CSS.


Carnegie Endowment – Online Mapping of Nuclear Proliferation

The Carnegie Endowment, a Washington D.C. based thinktank, wished to illustrate their projections of nuclear proliferation by country and and region around the globe. Thematic cartographic elements include chloropleth polygons as well as area-scaled circles.

Involvement: Custom Javascript and Google Maps integration.


Tennessee Court Reporter's Assocation - Directory Map

TNCRA wished to build a simple map-based interface to help connect members of their organization with potential clients around the state. An AJAX-driven Google Map was integrated into a custom Joomla installation with Community Builder extensions.

Involvement: Joomla, Javascript, and Google Maps integration.


Highlighting Business in Africa

Leaders at a large corporation in the agriculture industry wished to highlight business objectives in Africa during an internal conference for other employees. Google Earth provided the base for a unique set of slideshows integrated with business locations.

Inolvement: Custom KML generation, icon creation.


Word on the Tweet v2

An online map that generates heatmaps of Twitter word popularity around the globe. The map also builds wordclouds of popular words in specific geographic areas.

Involvment: Twitter API, Google Maps Flash API, Python, Flash remoting, Amazon SimpleDB.


Word on the Tweet v1

A Twitter and Google Map mashup that shows popular words as well as the most recent tweets at any location

Involvment: Twitter API, Google Maps Javascript API, Python.



The Early Childhood Music and Music Assocation wanted to refresh an aging site to create a user-centric design that had plenty of room to grow with the organization.

Involvement: CMSMadeEasy installation and templates, custom PHP.


Dietary Restriction Manager

A graduate-school project to create a fully-functional prototype of a website to assist with dietary restriction and allergies. User interface design was informed by a strict methodology that included a series of on-site interviews and walkthroughs with potential users of the site.

Involvement: CSS, Javascript, PHP


Handwriting without Tears Certification

An online complement to HWT's education program for handwriting specialists, including a wizard that encapsulates the certification process. Visitors to the site can search for handwriting specialists near them, and site administrators can quickly filter and query the database.

Involvement: Site development in ColdFusion and MS-SQL.


Center for Healthcare Strategies

A fresh redesign to emphasize the Center's core focus also required an overhaul of the site's infrastructure and search capabilities.

Involvement: ColdFusion and MS-SQL.



The US Civilian and Resarch Foundation wished to develop a consistent brand for its international branches while also providing site administrators simple publishing mechanisms.

Involvement: Dreamweaver template generation and CSS.


Project Kaleidoscope

A custom content management, visual refresh, and semantic organization helped to connect PKAL's members with other members as well as relevant events and publications.

Involvement: ColdFusion, MS-SQL, CSS, Javascript, AJAX.

2005 - 2006

St. Olaf College

Web developer. Built and maintained numerous dynamic web applications including content management systems, image databases, a student directory, a dynamic form creator, and online application forms.

Involvement: ColdFusion, Postgres, CSS, Javascript, AJAX.

2003 - 2005